2000 downloads per month at the price of 12 RUB (0,18$) for iOS application
Since February 2018 PA Digital has been promoting the mobile app VeggieGO (iOS).
About the project

VeggieGO - searching application for vegetarian cafes and shops. It allows to leave reviews and enables the chat for like-minded people.


Attract downloads for the mobile app for up to 12 RUB (0,18$) with solid Retention Rate.

Ad networks

For testing we took two ad networks: Facebook and myTarget.

Presuming the target audiences

Since the project has a pronounced interest, Mind Map is quite simple:
Vegetarians – Rawtarian
Vegans – Healthy diet

It is worth noting that for almost a year of working with the VeggieGO application we did not use LAL (Look-a-like), since we still manage to buy in the necessary amount of traffic by interest. In the future we are planning to test this approach as well.


We have tested various creatives and texts. Examples:

Flow of work


Initially, the priority network for us was myTarget, as there is an option to analyze installations. Also, the volume of target audience in MT is bigger than in FB.

For testing we launched campaigns for direct audiences (vegetarians, vegans, rawtarians), which were collected with a parser and pre-filtered.

Within four months these audiences demonstrated the necessary result. However, later we faced the burnout of target audience and that is how we did : updated the current audiences and added a few smaller ones - considering that the user should be already following 2–3 thematic communities. This helped us reduce the overall price of the installation.

In addition we tested general audiences of healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, but the price of installation was higher than for sector-specific communities. We also tested a wide audience with a fixed installation price, but this didn't bring the required volume.

During the period we also tested the carousel and square videos, but this didn't give a tangible result. We plan to test an audience from Odnoklassniki, which historically is higher quality.

Currently we are purchasing about 500 downloads per month from this source at the price of up to 12 RUB (0,18$).


Initially we launched interest-based ads with pay-per-impression. At the start the installation price was higher than required (18 RUB (0,28$)). At the same time the number of impressions in Facebook news feed was 3.5 times larger, that made us leave Instagram only.

After testing new creatives and restarting advertising campaigns, the price has stabilized to desired - 12 RUB (0,18$). Already in May we received about 1,700 downloads from FB only.

Later on we optimized the process and added payment per download. This allowed to keep the desired volume.

Currently we are purchasing about 1,500 downloads per month from this source at the price of up to 12 RUB (0,18$).


The VeggieGO mobile app has a sector-specific direction, but this doesn't make campaign management much easier. The main reason is that the audience quickly burns out and you should constantly look for new approaches. At the moment advertising campaigns have been already started anew about 5 times.

Practices to adopt

- When working with mobile apps, you should also pay attention to the product individuality and discuss it with developers. Perhaps some new feature inside the application will expand the potential number of users. (In the case of VeggieGO, we recommended making a section with custom recipes inside. Now this option is under development)

- Sometimes you have to try a network several times. The second attempt to enter FB showed that we can get traffic from there. Now this is leading network in terms of downloads volume.
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